Empowering Ethiopians in Partnership

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Partners in the Horn of Africa
works in Ethiopia, the largest country in the "Horn of Africa", focusing on the areas of greatest need.  We work with communities in remote areas of Ethiopia, focusing our work in regions where others do not reach.  Our projects respond to community requests, addressing needs for education, basic infrastructure, gender equality, food security, and sustainable livelihoods.

We follow two basic principles:
(a) All projects are proposed by the community or Ethiopian partner, which has to contribute at least 15% of the total project cost.  Our Ethiopian partner plays an essential role in project design, decision-making, implementation, and monitoring.
(b) 100% of any donation to Partners goes directly toward project costs in Ethiopia. Administrative costs are covered by Friends of the Horn of Africa, a sister organization that is funded by our directors, a small group of individuals, and foundations.

We are a non-denominational, registered Canadian charity operating since 2001.  We invite you to learn more about Partners and Ethiopia. With the help of our donors and partners, we are all making a difference in the Horn of Africa. 


A Video Introduction to Partners

Watch "Gilgel Abay - Bridge Over The River Nile", our introduction to Partners (here we are featuring a new shorter 10 1/2 minute version with HD available) or click here to see all of our videos on YouTube (including the original 15 1/2 minute version)

Our Donors

Most of our donations come from individual Canadians, but we have been fortunate to receive significant funding for special projects.

Club Penguin has become an enthusiastic supporter of Partners in the Horn of Africa since 2007 and we are very thankful for their support. They have built entire schools and library additions and funded ongoing support for education, play therapy and activities for orphans of AIDS and for our micro-financing programs.  Read more


EBA Engineering Consultants, a TetraTech Company and their employees have made a generous 10 year commitment to work with Partners to support Ethiopia rural aid projects. Through corporate aid, staff contributions, and on-the-ground participation, EBA has worked in several rural communities in Ethiopia, constructing new water wells, rebuilding and equipping village schools, and undertaking critical reforestation/ground stabilization projects.  Read more

Life for Women in Ethiopia

Consigned to household chores like fetching water and firewood, young girls have difficulty completing school and often end up as marginalized members of Ethiopian society. For adult women just putting food on the table and keeping a home can truly be a full time job. Life for women in Ethiopia is hard.

One effective way of addressing their plight is micro financing. Alameetu Eshefae is starting to dream big. As a single mother, she used to work hard as a maid, supplementing her meagre income making local beer. Since receiving her first micro finance loan of 500 Birr (about $60) her life has improved. She started a small vegetable business at the local market and, after repaying her first loan she became entitled to a larger loan. She is typical of the more than 600 women participating in Partners' micro financing projects.

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Our Mission  

"Our mission is to improve the lives of Ethiopians. We listen to their needs and partner with them on projects that empower communities and individuals and contribute to their well being."

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